Why You Need A VACIAL

Why You Need A VACIAL

Part of attractive woman body, hips and slender toned belly, covered by tender, silk textile. Graceful female figure, as a symbol of health and harmony.

Do you struggle with ingrown and blemishes on & around your Bikini area? Have you recently experienced a terrible wax from another studio? If you’re feeling insecure about your Bikini area, for whatever reason, we have the PERFECT treatment for you that’ll solve your problems… down there. 

The Vacial a very popular treatment is buzzing in the beauty world, especially among our clients! Our Signature Vacial is an incredible solution to treat these unsightly blemishes we mentioned above. Imagine all of the benefits of a facial, but focused solely on your bikini area. You’ll feel more refreshed and confident than ever! 

We also offer a mini-Vacial that can be done following your Brazilian wax! This is highly recommended for many reasons, among optimizing your skin for it’s prime while your purest layer of skin is exposed. 

Especially during the warmer months, there’s nothing worse than feeling insecure in your bathing suit (or with your partner) because of those stubborn blemishes. Trust us when we say, our Vacial treatment “works miracles” according to every single one of our clients who have come in. We have transformed their va-jay-jays (yes, the Vacial is for MEN, TOO!) – and now they’re enjoying the rest of the summer feeling more confident than ever! 

Come experience the Vacial and ask our Estheticians more about the amazing treatment. 

AUGUST SPECIAL ALERT!! Receive $10 OFF Any Vacial treatment of choice, PLUS Receive 10% OFF any Recommended products for At-Home After Care following your appointment. That’s not all, you’ll also receive a FREE Agave Cloth to exfoliate your skin in the most natural, gentle way. See you soon! 

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