Shaving Versus Waxing


With shaving, the hair is cut at the skin line, leaving behind the bulb. Hair grows back very quickly due to the stimulation of lifting the hair bulb. Increasing oils and blood circulation better nourishes the hair, which encourages it to grow faster. Shaved hair is always cut at a slant, making the hair sharp and uncomfortable. Shaved hair always grows back in coarse, sharp stubble within 24-hours.

Hear from Joe, a long-time Wax Specialists client on why waxing is better than shaving


One of the most delightful advantages of waxing is that your hair will grow back finer and slower. This is because the hair bulb is removed from below the skin's surface. Each time a new bulb grows back at the base of your hair, it will be weaker, and at times the hair is actually discouraged from growing back. Waxed hair takes two weeks for the bulb to grow back in the follicle, and one to two weeks for the hair to grow above the skin line, leaving you hair-free for three to four weeks.

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