Why buy your skincare products from the Wax Specialists?

We only stock products that we know and love. We take the time to work with you to choose the best products for your unique needs.

Relax and Wax Products

Waxing Survival Kit contains everything you need for a perfect wax! No Scream Cream will help ease discomfort from waxing up to 80% when used properly. No-Trauma Momma helps to alleviate the trauma associated with waxing, leaving skin feeling calmer and more refreshed. Get the Bump Outta Here is a treatment for ingrown hairs, and it helps with bumps as well. Scrub’Me’Luscious “Body Cocktail” is used for the best possible waxing experience you've ever had!

Clarisonic Products

Revolutionize your skincare in just a minute per day with Clarisonic:

  • Cleansing Brush Heads tailored to your skin type - Dirt and oil have nowhere to hide
  • Opal Sonic Infusion System - A sonic breakthrough in anti-aging technology

Agave Washcloth

Made 100% natural from a cactus plant, the Agave Washcloth will:

  • Help prevent ingrown hair use the Agave cloth before and after waxing to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Promote a healthier body by increasing blood circulation.
  • Improve your complexion without scratching your skin.

Tend Skin Products

Try the Tend Skin Products; great for getting rid of irritation and in grown hairs.


We carry a variety of Repechage products!

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