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Garnet traditionally is a symbol of faith, love and constancy are its attributes. Because of this, it’s held that it might prevent nightmares and can provide directional guidance in darkness. Wearers may see an increase in their self-image, will power and energy levels, and nervous people may feel calmer. It’s also traditionally believed that garnets help keeper travelers safe.


Healing and Uses: Garnet is a stone of regeneration and energizing, and can boost the energy of an entire system and revitalize it. It is said to be stabilizing, whether you wish for it to be internal or external. All garnets are also thought to speed up the healing process because they cleanse and reenergize the chakras.




Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

Without sounding preachy, I want to tell you that 2018 is a big year for ‘growing up’. You’re the first sign of the Zodiac; therefore prone to *adorable* (ahem) childlike behaviour (occasionally). People love your energy, but sometimes it can overwhelm them. Perhaps it can even overwhelm you, leaving you feeling fatigued and pressured. Things will change this year and you’ll settle down into your world, believing you CAN control stuff and you ARE already good enough.

Most valuable self improvement (Page of Coins)

This year, the investments you make in yourself, your material world and surroundings will pay back for the rest of your life. So, take a pause to think about your next two, five, ten year, and even ‘forever’, plan. What investments can you start now, no matter how insignificant they seem vs that larger goal? Small is good, because small is easy and small gets done. Do Future You some big favours this year, and feel more secure and settled now.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

‘Home truths’ always sounds vaguely threatening to me, like something the *haters* think you should REALISE, and then trip up over. But, this year, you will discover that home truths are really the knowledge which helps you to live a life that suits you – even if it’s not to others’ tastes. Living authentically means we can stop bending into shapes which don’t suit us. Home truths are the insights that tell us what shape we really are. Embrace them.

Most valuable self improvement

Stoic, steady and determined- yes, you are those things. But sometimes that can edge into stubborn, closed-off and dogmatic… This year, something you’ve doggedly persisted with will come to a head, proving that you were (brace yourself) wrong. WHAT?!?! Hey, it’s OK. We all get it wrong. And this could be THE turning point for you in truly seeing situations from other people’s perspectives more readily. A skill which, frankly, could transform your world. Fresh options, ideas and new paths will immediately open up. You’ll wonder why you held on for so long.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

You’re on your own, kid. And I don’t want that to freak you out, because you’re obvs (as the perennial socialite Gemini) surrounded by loving people. What it means is that you come to understand that the most important person in your life is You and, specifically, the Twin Self who shadows your every move. She has shit to say, you know. She has ideas about your life’s path and what’s best for you. Use your ‘me time’ to get to know her, and act on the insights she provides.

Most valuable self improvement (Queen of Swords)

I often think the Queen of Swords IS the tarot representation of Gemini: a clever, fast-moving woman chasing her freedom, and living life her way. She is often a solo operator and, much as Geminis love mixing, you don’t REALLY share your true thoughts or desires with others very often. That’s OK. So, this year, get to know, listen to, like and even love this Twin Self more. What does she want? Where does she need to go? Let her take the wheel; you’ll be surprised!



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

In short: you’re going to shut down a toxic situation which you should’ve left years ago (but time in ‘Cancer years’ has a different meaning, so we’ll let you off your inertia), love is going blossom so that’s all good too, and you’re going to be winning at werk. High Five, Cancer! 2018 is going to be pretty awesome.

Most valuable self improvement (Five of Swords)

Cancerians are incredibly loyal, loving and consistent. They don’t leave the kitchen, even if they can’t stand the heat. But, really? Is there something that you keep saying ‘it’s OK, it’s OK’ about, but it’s burning, it hurts, everything is on fire… For goodness sake, stop / leave / withdraw / turn away. For once, override your loyalty instinct, and do what’s best for you. And this will be THE absolute winning move this year!



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

Another power house year for Leo. One in which the greatest leaps are made via your realisation that everything starts within. What you desire and believe shapes your experience of life. Look within for the insights and answers about where you’re heading. It’s as simple as that. Wow, now you can’t wait to get going!

Most valuable self improvement (The Chariot)

You’re on the move, you’ve got the groove. Yes, you are. Journeys are an important theme this year – literal, physical ones (so expect to travel afar) and emotional, spiritual ones (so expect to change). And what’s even more important is that you are the Master of all this. You realise how much your internal desires and beliefs shape your experience of life. It all starts within. And once you pay attention to what’s within, it becomes damned obvious what you really should be doing next.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

Something new is sweeping into your life, something big and magical and wonderful. But something has to go, too – or be radically different to how it is / feels now. I know you hate change. But ‘stasis’ can be even worse, when we’re uncomfortable with our current world. Know that, if you bite down and press on, this time next year you can be in the best place you’ve ever been. It’s all worth it.

Most valuable self improvement (Ace of Cups)

Something new is itching to be born into your life, something which inspires you and even revitalises your appreciation for life itself! It could be a relationship, child, pet (meow!), home, job, journey, venture or hobby… but it represents a heart-warming passion. Don’t deny yourself this new *thing* no matter how impractical it looks on paper. Screw ‘on paper’. Go get what you most want.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

It’s all about moving onwards and upwards this year, Libra, with the absolute support and backing of those you love. Your relationships strengthen you, and give you the stable base from which to build. A more demanding side to your persona develops; you’re learning to expect and get what you deserve. And, as a result of this positive mood, you start something new which is incredibly fulfilling and you’re actually very good at. 2018 rocks.

Most valuable self improvement (Ace of Wands)

The addition of something you feel passionately about to your everyday life makes everything feel different (in a good way). Something you’ve already tried / dipped your toe in with is set to enter your life in a bigger way in 2018. It’s something which is just authentically ‘you’, and you’re a natural at. We can overlook what we’re good atsometimes, because it just feels ‘easy’ and therefore can’t be valuable, right? Wrong. Follow what feels easy / natural / good. You’ll end up in the right place.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

On an emotional level, you finally process an old / fading relationship which bothers you. Once filed away, you start to notice how many new relationships you’ve been overlooking. And, emotionally, the idea of ‘warmth’ is also important this year. Feeling safe and comfortable helps you feel less defensive in general which (trust me, I speak for others too) is a GOOD thing..

Most valuable self improvement (The Sun)

I want you to reflect on the idea of ‘warmth’ this year. What does it mean to you, why does it matter, and where / with whom do you find it? Gravitate towards these people and places in 2018; be it certain friends or family, places or holidays, activities and hobbies. It could be literal, physical, spiritual or emotional warmth. You decide. But in seeking it, you’ll replenish your spirits naturally and find yourself more resilient and energised than ever. And also, maybe, a bit *softer*. And there’s nothing wrong with that!



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

You have more than one ‘self’ (the rent-a-gob, the sexbomb, the wild one, the warm and fuzzy one, the angry demon, etc) and they are going to learn to deal with their shit this year, behaving and working together, at last, to make you feel in control and coherent. You’re the boss.

Most valuable self improvement

Plans are all fine and well, but sometimes you just gotta’ JUMP. Your instincts tell you stuff for a reason: they’re a hardwired, in-built sat nav which can guide you in a direction that all the maps in the world would never lead to, because instincts (like sat navs) operate in the NOW. This year, you pay more attention to your gut feelings and intuition. Wow, the results are amazing. Why have you never lived like this before?



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

A sense of progress and security in your material world (work, home, finances etc) unleashes a surge of ambition about getting even more. Capricorn is the positive representation of ‘greed is good’, because you just want to do the best you can and get what you deserve – ain’t nothing wrong with that. BTW, whilst you’re out busy conquering worlds, let BAE get some limelight and do (a bit of) the planning and scheming. You might be surprised.

Most valuable self improvement (Eight of Swords)

The world we live in curses us with having to see other people’s lives as a ‘show reel’ (I’m talking to you, social media) from our own vantage point IRL. The comparisons and expectations generated can create insecurity and doubt which, left unchecked, we might project back onto the world in the shape of external barriers and obstacles we believe stop us from being *perfect* too. It’s all nonsense, Capricorn, and you’re tired of it. This year, you get past it. No one is going to stop you from being Top Dog.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

A really big year ahead, in fact a GREAT year. Love life booming? CHECK. Werk life moving on and progressing? CHECK. Feeling like life overall is improving and falling into place? CHECK. Ghosts from the past laid to rest? CHECK.

It’s a CHECK kind of year for you, so make the most of this energy for getting through what’s on your list. I salute you Aquarius- get out there and enjoy it.

Most valuable self improvement (Judgment)

Last year you moved on from quite a lot of stuff and reminded yourself how capable and resilient you are. Your newly formed Self Appreciation Society has had a Board Meeting and voted that 2018 is the time to stop comparing yourself to others, recognise your own unique talents and showcase them. You’re ready for a second chance in many areas of life, and you’ll appreciate it this time. You’re older, wiser and ready to design a lifestyle that fits you like a glove.



Your ‘need to know’ for 2018

Progression is your middle name this year, Pisces. You smash up your habit of relying on the old ‘wait and see what happens’ approach and start taking direct action instead. Your people skills are a true asset; time to use those around you to propel you further faster. It’s not selfish, because you do it with good intentions for everyone. Time for leaps and bounds in 2018!

Most valuable self improvement (King of Wands)

Pisces sink or swim in every situation, and this year you are SWIMMING – I’m talking Olympic standards. You’re feeling enthused and energised to make changes and take back control, in a more direct and dynamic way than ever before. You’ve had a light bulb moment: inaction is no less risky than action, you just can’t see the opportunity cost of the path you refused to take. Get busy living (and swimming).


(credits: thanks for the overview, Cosmopolitan)