Workout After Wax?

Workout After Wax?

We get this question all the time: “How long should I wait before working out after my wax?”

Especially during the summer season, when many people are trying to stay in bathing-suit shape. It’s also the season when people focus more on living healthier, more active lives… likely because it’s when the weather is the most bearable to get out and get moving! 

What’s the problem, then? SWEAT. 

After a wax, your skin is sensitive, a little inflamed, and needs to relax. Working out right after a wax isn’t a good idea, because the intense movement(s) can cause sweat and bacteria to quickly find their way to your new exposed pores. What happens then? Well, that can cause breakouts, ingrown hairs, and infections… and we certainly don’t want that when we’re exposed in a bikini… right?! 

After a Brazilian Wax, if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy, we suggest waiting at LEAST 24 hours before working out. Waiting 36-48 hours is even more ideal! Try scheduling your “down-time days” around the time of your next waxing appointment. 

If you’re adamant about doing some type of workout, and refuse to wait the “rest time,” we suggest avoiding any workouts that (really) make you sweat. Focus on the low intensity workouts: such as yoga, stretching, free-weights, etc. Train arms or upper-body to avoid too much movement from the hips down, which can lead to irritation after a wax.

What else should you be careful of?

Avoid saunas, hot tubs, and swimming pools. Remember your skin follicles are freshly exposed. It’s best to avoid the chemicals and bacteria that public areas like this can contain (sorry to say it, but even your sauna at HOME can contain bacteria). One more thing… wearing bathing suits after a wax could increase the chances of ingrown hairs. 

SO, we simply suggest WAITING at least 24-48 hours before getting your sweat on. Trust us, it will be WORTH the wait! No one wants to see breakouts, ingrown hairs and infected skin days after getting their a luxurious Brazilian wax (which is meant to leave you with smooth, flawless skin)! 

THE WAX SPECIALISTS to the rescue! IF for any reason you’ve developed ingrowns, blemishes, or infected skin after getting a wax (from sweat or bacteria) our Vacial is designed to help treat this problem… and it works wonders! So don’t stress – just give us a call, or book your Vacial online, and we’ll take care of the issue like magic — but let’s focus more on the proper “post-wax” regimen and restrictions to avoid the stress and sadness when you see your skin take a turn for the worst! 

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