How to Choose the Right Microblading Specialist

How to Choose the Right Microblading Specialist

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to Microblading is “this spa says they do Microblading, they must be legitimate.” False. We have had several clients visit us, in tears, with horribly shaped brows done by a “Microblading Specialist” from another spa who wasn’t certified or qualified. 



The truth of the matter is, once someone attempts to perform Microblading on your brows, you can’t just go home and rub them off. It takes time. Which – in retrospect – is usually a GREAT thing when the outcome is beautiful brows! But, if the mistake is made by getting “less-expensive” brows at an unqualified spa/salon, you’re stuck with them for a while. Don’t let this happen to you! 



There is A LOT of hands-on practice and education that goes into the State Board Microblading Certification process, and we ensure our Specialists are qualified at the highest level before touching your beautiful face! That’s why we’re so proud to offer the Microblading services to our clients — to work on correcting “bad brows,” to fill in thinning brows, and to give you the full natural-looking definition you’ve always dreamed of. The smile on our clients faces when they look in the mirror after a Microblading service is one of the reason why we love what we do! 

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